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Animated Video Developer – oDesk

We need someone to develop an animated marketing video for our website.  We are a startup software company and our website is:  

I am thinking the video should be around 90-120 seconds in length and involve heavy animation.   This will be used for marketing purposes to help explain our software as a service (SaaS) offering.   If necessary, we can write the script, and we have a voice talent we can use as well.  We could include screen shots, or even a Camtasia video clip of the software if you wanted to embed it.  

We offer a solution to help businesses understand and manage the experiences that their customers go through when interacting with their brand (touchpoints).  Our tool is used to help business map, analyze, and present critical data about a brand's touchpoints, so a brand can improve customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

Our tool is sort of like a CRM system, but instead of managing customers, it manages all of the interactions (touchpoints) that the customer might experience (website, in person, mass media, print, call center, etc.), along with all of the related attributes (quantitative and qualitative) about those touchpoints.

It can be used in a visual way (map) sort of like a storyboard to help users understand what the customer experience looks like from the customer's shoes.  There is also a reporting/charting side of the tool that business can use to slice and dice touchpoint data to perform analysis.

Brands use Touchpoint Dashboard to understand which ones are falling short. The, our solutions is used as a  "decision support (planning)" tool to help them make decisions about how best to improve customer experience and turn their customers into raving fans.

Here is probably the closest example (similar space as we're in, similar type of video:

Here is a company video for someone that is in a related space:  While not a competitor, this is similar messaging.  Their video is OK, but we would likely not have a real human in our video.  

While not in the same space, this is an example of the breadth, depth, and quality that we are looking for: or (video is in lower right).

See website and attachment for more details.  If you have experience building these "explanimation" videos, and if you think you can help, please let us know.  We are ready to move quickly if we find the right contractor and pricing model.

In your response, please include links to other examples of videos you've built, approximate start date, and estimated time to build.

Starting On: September 1, 2012
Ending On:
Posted On: September 01, 2012 15:37 UTC
ID: 201590277
Category: Design & Multimedia > Animation
Skills: video,animation,marketing
Country: United States
Hours Billed: 1,338.33

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