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Happiness SEO and strategy – oDesk

I am looking for someone who is inspired and interested in Psychology or self development. If you have access to journal articles or read journal articles that would be great.

I have material focused on making people happier and need someone to refine my articles and help me with my SEO.

Tell me in a very short paragraph, which piece of your writing is inspiring, an example of how it gets results, how you stay in a positive frame of mind and what outrageous sentence you would write to me if I am late in returning your mail or delivering my part of a project.

For the first project I need:
A great SEO post based on research, thoroughly checking each addition to the article for its original source. 1000 words
Things I need to do besides posting the article to enable my website to thrive that I don't know already.
You to tell me when my web strategy is complete horse turd and when to think bigger.
Someone who cares about what they produce.

Budget: $10
Starting On: September 7, 2012
Ending On:
Posted On: September 01, 2012 19:38 UTC
ID: 201590738
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Skills: seo,writing,blog-writing,internet-marketing,marketing-strategy,research
Country: South Africa
Hours Billed: 0.00

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